Joseph Lafayette Farris

Genealogy Worksheet
Jane Mason, September 5, 2004

Joseph Lafayette Farris(1)
B 7Dec1854 Page county IA(2)
D 6Aug1932 LosAngeles, LosAngeles, CA buried Forest Lawn Cemetery(2)
Parents: Young and Mary "Polly" Dunbar Farris (21)

1M 26Mar1882 Lake county CA(3)
Florence Virginia Wilson  "Flossie"(20)
B  18June1857 Farmington, Van Buren county IA(4)
D  2May1890  Fresno, Fresno county CA(20) buried Lower Lake Lake county CA(11)                                    
Parents: Henry H. and Mary Henkle Wilson(4)

2 Carl Bernal 1883-1943
2 Mary Myrtle 1885-1971
2 Ruth  1888-1889

"Joseph's wife Florence Virginia Wilson died of TB when my mother was three years old so she 
really didn't know her well but had a lot of information on her. 
Myrtle was raised by her father and brother."(20) 

2M  between 1910 and 1920 census - divorced
Emma  Shipley

"Joseph married Emma very late in life. It didn't work out and they separated. I can't recall if they 
ever divorced or not."   (20)

No  obituary  for Florence  found in the 1890 papers.

LA Times 8Aug1932p8
"Farris, Joseph L. Farris. Remains at the chapel of W. A. Brown. 1815 South Flower Street."(10)

1880	CA Lake county Lower Lake…enumerated with parents
1882  CA Lake county…obtained land patent (5)
1883  CA Lake county Lower Lake  son Carl born
1889	CA Fresno county, Sanger…registered to vote(6)
1889   CA Lake county Florence obtained land patent in both her married and her maiden name (12)
1894  -1910 CA LosAngeles county Joseph registered every year including 1894 in which he is described 
as"6'1", light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair"(13)
1900  CA Orange county, Fullerton  Carl boarding in private home(15) 
1900  have not found Joseph(7)
1900,1904,1905,1906,1907 LosAngeles City directory entries (17)
1910 CA Los Angeles county, Los Angeles Joseph a boarder at 606 E 4th(19)
1910 CA Los Angeles county, Claremont Mary rooming with three others(16)
1910 Carl in San Francisco	(8)
1920  CA Los Angeles county Los Angeles…with wife who is a laundres and daughter who is a teacher, 
gives occupation as an iceman (9)
1930  CA Los Angeles county Los Angeles..with son and daughter(14)

(1)	Middle name given in information on son Carl’s birth certificate..
(2)	Birth and death information from CA death certificate #8968, LA city
(3)	Lake County Marriage Book 2, P 49
Farris, Joseph L., 27, Iowa m Florence V. Wilson,   26Mar1882
(4)	Information re Florence from information submitted to the LDS IGI by a church member; plus the 
following information :  Henry Oroville Wilson, 45, married Lena  Anna Cox, 44, 
PA, on 29 Sep 1912, parents listed as Henry Harrison  Wilson, IN, and 
Mary Hinkle, IL.    Henry H. Wilson did have an obit in the Lake County 
Bee on 4/10/1913  saying he was survived by two sons, Henry O. and Ward, 
and one daughter,  Miss Kate Wilson.  
(5)	BLM #CACAAA012349
(6)	1890 California Voter Registration collected by the CA State Genealogical Alliance, published by 
Heritage Quest 2001
Farris, Joseph L., 36, IA, carpenter, Sanger, 4Oct1890
(7)	Not in CA SX, have not located
(8)	1910 CA San Francisco county San Francisco ED162P11AS#145
Carroll B. Forris  roomer  27  single  CA IN IA cement worker
 (9)	1920 CA R109 Los Angeles county LosAngeles ED245S3L18
Joseph L. Farris  65   IN  MO MO  iceman
Emma  45  NY     laundres
Myrtle Wylie  dtr   34  married CA IN US   teacher
(10)	Death notice in LA Times 8Aug1932p8.  No obituary found.
(11) Material collected by Jim Pearce during visit to Lake County Genealogy and Historical Society and the 
Lower Lake cemetery, gravestone found.
(12)Lake County land purchase
120N 60W sec005 - 11/4/89  Florence V. Wilson; Florence V. Farris     
120N 60W sec006 - 11/4/89  Florence V. Wilson; Florence V. Farris     
(13) State Library of California voters registers-see note under Misc.
(14)  1930 CA R160 Los Angeles county Los Angeles City ED639S4AL19
Joseph L. Farris H owns $3000  owns Radio  75y M@27y  IA KY IN
Carl B. Son 47 single CA IA IA  cement finisher for cement company  veteran-yes
Myrtle Wiley Dtr 45 M@28   teacher school
(15) 1900 CA  Orange county Fullerton  ED141S17A L45
home of Rick Man___? and family  occupation blurred
L45 Bernal Ferris  ?boarder blurred   Mar1883  17yo  occupation blurred
(16) 1910 CA LAcounty Claremont ED327 P11B   family 221 House 327  L82
Peterson, Anna K. spinster  blurred _9?  Iowa Sweden Ohio  teacher public school
Farris Myrtle  spinster  25CA  OH   IL  teacher public school
2 other boarders
none designated as head
(17) LosAngeles city director 
1898, 1899  - no entry
1900 Farris, Jos. lab r 630S Hill (check of census shows this to be a boarding house, Jos. not listed)
1901, 1902, 1903 - no entry
1904 Farris, Joseph grocer  630Buena Vista r same address
1905 Farris, Joseph hostler Union Ice Co. r 606 1/2 E 4th
1906 same entry with Myrtle Farris, teacher, at same address
1907  Farris, Joseph driver r 606 E 4th, (no Myrtle)
(18)San Francisco Call  - 10 Feb 1883 Farris - In Lower Lake, February 3, to the wife of J. L. Farris, a son
(19)	1910 CA Los Angeles county Los Angeles city ED134 P5AL43 606 E 4th
Josef L. Farris  H  54  wd  US  US  US  auto driver
(20)correspondence with Joseph’s granddaughter
(21) Lake County CA Superior Court, #277 filed 25Feb1889, Probate for the estate of Young Farris – 
 J. L. Farris, aged 34 years

2 CARL BERNAL "Bun"(20)
B 3Feb1883 Lower Lake Lake county CA
D 31Aug1943 Los Angeles Los Angeles county CA buried Los Angeles National Cemetery

"I do remember my mother's brother Bernal. He was a kind, sweet man that was always teasing 
me. He never married. But he died not long after I came into the family, of a heart attack in Los 
Angeles."(see #20 above)

San Francisco Call  10 Feb 1883
 Farris - In Lower Lake, February 3, to the wife of J. L. Farris, a son. 

"Affidavit of Birth 
"Personal and statistical Particulars
"Full Name of Child   Carl Bernal Farris
"Date of Birth             Feb 3, 1883
"Place of Birth           Near Lower Lake, Lake
County, Cal. U. S. A.
"Sex of Child             Male
"Full name of Father  Joseph Layfayette Farris
"Residence at Child's Birth  Near Lower Lake Cal
"Age at Child's Birth  28
Color or Race          White
"Birthplace                  Iowa, U. S. A.
"Occupation at Child's Birth  road overseer
"Full Maiden Name of Mother    Florence Virginia
"Residence at Child's Birth        Near Lower Lake Cal
"Age at Child's Birth                   25
"Color or Race                           White
"Birthplace                 Near Farmington Iowa U. S.
"Occupation at Child's Birth      Housewife
"I certify that I am the _Aunt_ of this child, who was
born on the date above stated, and that the
information herein stated is true.
"Affiant        Kate A. Wilson
"Address 425- 7th St, Santa Rosa, Cal
"Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21 day of
June, 1941.
"_Paul L. Young_ Notary Public
"In and For the County of _Sonoma_ State of

one-line death notice  ran in the LA Times from 9/3/43 to 9/11/43, then 
the following  on 9/12/43, Part 1, Page 20:  
FARRIS, of 2634 Blimp Street, C. Bernal Farris, beloved brother  of Mrs. 
Myrtle F. Wiley.  Funeral Services Tuesday at 9 a.m.A  from the chapel 
of W. A. Brown & Son, 1815 South Flower Street.    

Los Angeles National Cemetery
Farris, Carl Bernal  D 31Aug1943  PVTG 1C  CO A  18th Engrs HY,  Plot 179 15/C, buried 14Sept1948

Los Angeles County District: 1901  City Certificate #13393   
C. Bernal Farris   60 years, 6 months, 28 days
Death 31August1943  Birth  3February1883 Lower Lake
Single   WWI veteran
Father Joseph Farris birthplace unk  occupation cement finisher building 
Mother unknown
2634 Blimp St. LA  28years in community   in CA – life
Informant C. J. Wiley  3052 S Livonia Ave LA                      
Date: 16 Jan 1920
Location: CA, Los Angeles
Document #: 728049
Serial #: CALA 0027186
Sale Type: Homestead
Meridian or Watershed: SB
Parcel: Township 005N, Range 017W, Section 3 
2  MARY MYRTLE  [always called Myrtle](20)
B 25Mar1885 Lower Lake, Lake county CA
D 15June1971 Pasadena , Los Angeles county CA buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park
M Clifford Jerome Wiley
B 7Dec1883 Gidley, Butte county CA
D 10Oct1957 Los Angeles CA buried Forest Lawn Cemetery

Mary Myrtle -
"Mother's education for teaching came from a school called "Normal". 
For awhile she taught Jr. High, Home Economics.  She was a beautiful 
seamstress and made most all my clothes through Jr High School.  The 
last 20 years of her teaching she taught Grammar School." 

"Joseph raised the two children on his own.  One family friend was 
amazed that mother was such a lady when all her examples were father and 
brother (men). " (see 20 above) 

Residence at time of death VanNuys, LosAngeles county CA
Widow who taught for twenty years.  Lived in CA 86 years.
Death Certificate Pasadena #879 informant daughter

Death notice LATimes 17June1974p14
"Wiley, Myrtle F. Forest Lawn, Glendale"

Clifford Jerome -
"What a super and fun dad he was.  He held a number of different jobs.  
One for the electric company, climbing and hooking up electric wire 
lines.....he was a Locomotive engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad" (see 
20 above) 

1910 AZ R60 Navajo county Winslow  E.D9P1A L29  
Clifford Wiley  45y roomer   married at 30  CA  CA  MO  railroad  locomotive engineer

B Feb1888
D 13Jan1889
Buried beside Florence in Lower Lake cemetery

Lake county death records state "11 months"

"FUNERAL NOTICE."  [note: no year given]
The funeral of the infant child of J. L. and Florence
V. Farris will take place Sunday January 13th at 1
o'clock P. M.  Services at the grave.
Friends and acquaintences are invited to attend."

note #4:
Joseph L. Farris
B 7Dec1854 Iowa
D 6Aug1932 LA, CA
M 26Mar1882 Lake C CA
Florence Virginia Wilson
B 18June1857 Farmington, Van Buren, IA
D 2May1890 Fresno, Fresno, CA
Parents Henry H. Wilson and Mary Henkle
*three children*
1.  unavailable
2.  unavailable
3.  Ruth Farris
B 1887 Lower Lake, Lake CA
source:  patron batch 458869 /LDS church

note for #13
Joseph Farris entry for every year, not all copied, following are ones copied out -
1894  39, 6'1", light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, laborer, born Iowa, resides Hyde Park, PO 
address Centinela
1896 Newhall CA
1902  47, 5th  Supv Dist, 67 Assy, resides Newhall
1904  49, 2nd Supv Dist, 71 Assy, 38 Senatorial, resides 506 Carolina Street
1910 55, Pct 89, 2nd Supv Dist, 73 Assy, 38, Senate resides 606 E 4th Street, occupation driver, 

1880 CA Lake county Excelsior Roll 66 page 9A
Henry H. Willson  48  IN  MD  NH
Mary  43  IL  VA  IL
Flora V.  22  IA
Edith  20  IA
Katie A.  17  IA
Henry O.  13  CA
W. Ward  7mo CA

Henry Oroville Wilson 45, married Lena Anna Cox, 44, PA on 29Sept1912, parents are Henry 
Harrison Wilson and Mary Hinkle, IL

Lake County Bee  10Apr1913 obit for Henry H. saying he was survived by two sons, Henry O. and 
Ward, and one daughter, Miss Kate.

Lake county files have no record of marriage for Edith Wilson