Samuel S. Farris

Genealogy Worksheet
Jane Mason, March 24, 2003

Samuel S. Farris
B Apr1849 IN (1)
D 8Jan1925 (2)  Happy Camp, Siskiyou county CA, buried Happy Camp Cemetery 
Parents Young and Mary "Polly" Dunbar Farris (11)

1880 (3)
1886 CA Shasta county, Copper City …registered to vote(8)
1892 CA Shasta county…obtained a land patent(9)
1900 CA Siskiyou county, Happy Camp…single, working as a miner(4)
1910 CA Siskiyou county, Happy Camp…single(5)
1920 CA Siskiyou county, Happy Camp…lists occupation as ranger-store/farm, 
living on Happy Camp Mountain Rd(6)

Yreka Journal, January 21, 1925
HAPPY CAMP Two deaths saddened our little village this week. Both victims 
were old residents of this section.
Mrs. Colonel Brooks, an aged Indian, died Wednesday evening at her home at 
Ferry Point. Colonel Brooks, her husband, died about two months ago. Mrs. 
Brooks was buried at the family burying plot near Ferry Point. She was one 
of the oldest Indians in this community and could remember when the first 
white men came to this country.
Samuel S. Ferris died on Thursday morning. He had been ill for over a week, 
the end not coming without considerable suffering. He was past 75 years of 
age at the time of his death. For the past five years he has operated a soft 
drink establishment in Happy Camp. He was buried Friday at 2 o'clock. No 
living relatives are known to survive him. (10)

(1)	1900 CA census
(2)	 CA death index #5310 Siskiyou county, LDS MF 1686045
(3)	Not located.  Not in the LDS 1880 U.S. Census and National Index CD
(4)	1900 CA R113 Siskiyou county, Happy Camp  ED127S1L54
Samuel S. Farris  Apr1849  51y  single  IN KY IN  miner
(5)	1910 CA  R108 Siskiyou county Happy Camp township  Orleans Trail  ED110  
  7A L9
Samuel S. Farris  head  61  single   IN KY IN miner placer
Wilbur Martin partner  41  single  OH IN NY  miner placer
(6)	1920 CA Siskiyou county, Happy Camp township  Happy Camp Mountain RD  
Samuel S. Farris  head  70  single  Ranger  store/farm  IN KY IN
(7)	metal tage on cemetery grave site "Saml Farris"
(8)	1890 CA Voter Registration collected by the CA State Genealogical 
Alliance, published by Heritage Quest 2001
Copper City precinct, Shasta County, IN, 37, registered Sept1886
(9)	BLM #CACAAA005705
(10)Yreka Journal, January 21, 1925 (this was a weekly, and had some short 
sections on other Siskiyou County locations)
(11) Lake County CA Superior Court, #277 filed 25Feb1889, Probate for the 
estate of Young Farris –
S. S. Farris, aged 39, residence unknown

Samuel appears to have been estranged from his family.  In 1886 when the 
parent's probate was settled Samuel is listed as "residence unknown".  His 
obituary in 1925 states "no living relatives are known to survive him".  His 
grave has only a metal marker, "Saml Farris".