Young Y. Farris

Genealogy Worksheet
Jane Mason, September 5, 2004

Young Y. Farris (18)  [middle name ?Yuan (4), ?Yuen(17)] 
B 10Oct1809 Lincoln county KY (1)(13)
D 10Apr1886 Lower Lake, Lake county CA  buried Lower Lake Cemetery(2)(13)
Parents: John D. and Mary Jane Pinnick  Farris
Raised by: Nathan and Ann Pinnick Pinnick, uncle and aunt

M 26July1831 Orange county IN (3)
Mary "Polly" Dunbar   middle initial R. (14-possibly Ruth)(17-possibly Rice)
B 18July1815 IN(1)(13)
D 25Apr1886 Lower Lake, Lake county CA buried Lower Lake Cemetery (13)
Parents:  father possibly John Dunbar;  almost certainly  daughter of Jamima Charles (father Joel 
Charles)Dunbar, widow who married Samuel Scarlett—several siblings married Paces

 Elizabeth Jane 1832-1889	
 Nathan Degian 1836-1905
 Nancy Ann  1839-1916
 William Wilson 1843-1926
 John Tilton 1844-1926
 James Harrison 1846-1930
 Samuel S. 1848-1925
 Joseph Lafayette 1854-1932
 Sarah Emily 1857-1944
 Laura Helen 1861-1929

No obituaries found for Young or Polly in the local papers.

1830 IN Orange county…no record of Young Farris in the federal census. Does not appear to be in the 
census for the Nathan Pinnick  family if you compare Nathan's children with census count.(5)
1831 IN Orange county…Young Farris is found in the Marriage Index(3)
1840 IN  Orange county, Northwest twp…census shows Young Fares (sic)  with  adult female and three 
children (6)
1850 IN  Orange county, French Lick twp…census shows Young Farris with wife and 7 children(1)
1852 IA  Page/Taylor county…in charge of validating votes for the 2nd pct in an 1852 Taylor county 
1850's  IA Page/Taylor county…"Young Farris was the first county clerk of Page county, Ia."(8)
1860  moving to CO or OR, settled possibly in Jackson county OR (9)
1860 census…so far have been unable to locate Young and family in the 1860 census for any of the various 
states they might have travelled through.(9)(10)
1860 Oregon…settled in the Rogue River area of Jackson county Oregon (17)  per the obituary for Young's 
son, James. "…went to southern Oregon"(11)
1863 CA…the family moved to California per son James' obituary.  "Three years after settling in Oregon the 
family turned south and moved to California…"(11) they settle first at Horseshoe Bend, American River 
and then moved on to Lower Lake, Lake county (17)
1867 CA Placer county registered to vote (16)
1870 CA, Lake county, Lower Lake…in census with wife and four children.(1)
1878 CA, Lake county, Lower Lake …found in local directory for Lake county(15)
1880 CA, Lake county, Lower Lake…in census with wife and three children, another son is living next door 
with his wife.(1)

(1)  The 1850, 1870 and 1880 census are consistent in age and birthplace:
1850	IN R163 Orange county,  FrenchLick twp., P473L24
Young Farris  40y  farmer  real estate $400  KY
Mary  35y  IN  all children listed as born IN
Elizabeth 18, Nathan 14, Nancy A. 12, William W. 10, John T. 8, James(blurred) 6, Samuel 2

1870 CA R73 Lake county, Lower Lake,  P14S#414bL34
Y. Farris  60   /$300  farmer  KY
Mary 55  IN  
Samuel  21  IN  farmer
Joseph  15  IA, Emma  13  IA,  Laure  8  OR

1880 CA R66 Lake county, Lower Lake Pct.  ED49P1L31
Young Farris  69  farmer  KY VA VA
Mary  64 wife  IN  SC  SC
Jos L.  23  son  farmer  IA
Laura  17  dtr   OR
William W.  34  (relationship blank)   farmer  IA
Hattie  19  wife    CA  NY  NY
(2)   Family material of Marjorie Wilser, descendent through Nathan, gives this date.  Young is not in the 
1890 CA Voter Registration collected by the CA State Genealogical Alliance.  Young and Polly are not 
found in the 1900 CA census soundex index.
(3)  Orange county IN Marriage Index Vol C -2, p36, LDS MF 1316696.  (see below)
(4)  Written material received from Laura's great granddaughter believed to be compiled by Violet or Iris 
Mitchell, daughters of Laura Helen Farris Mitchell:
"Yuan Young Farris was born in Kentucky in 1830, his family was from Virginia.
Mary Rice Dunbar Farris was born in Indiana in 1816.
From Indiana to Oregon in covered wagon in 1859.  Settled at Jackson on Rogue River.
From there to Horseshoe Bend on the American River then on to Lower Lake, Lake County for a permanent 
home and sheep raising.
Buried in Old Lower Lake Cemetery."  
(5) 1830 IN R14 Orange county P31L10
(6) 1840 IN R89 Orange county, Northwest twp, P52
Young Fares Male <5 1; 20-30  1;  Female <5 1; 5-10 1; 20-30 1
(7) History of Taylor County Iowa, State Historical Company DesMoines - reprint of 1881 edition by 
Unigraphic 1975 P 416
"The voters of the second precinct were to assemble at the residence of Benjamin Barnes, and Young Faris, 
Benjamin Barnes, and Elias Bridgewater were to see that the votes were properly cast and to care for 
the returns."
(8) Obituary for grandson, Franklin Green Pace in the Clarinda Herald (IA), 17Jan1918
"his grandfather, Young Farris, was the first county clerk of Page County, Ia."
(9) Clarinda Herald (IA),  27Apr1860 (see below)
(10)Nebraska City Press (NE) 1May1860 (see below)
(11)Woodland Democrat (CA), 8Feb1930
(12)Stockton family papers can be found under Oglesby Family Records at Oregon Historical Society, 
Jacksonville OR.
(13)Material collected by Jim Pearce during visit to Lake County Genealogy and Historical Society and the 
Lower Lake cemetery   Includes probate of Young and of Mary's estate. (see below)
(14)Lake  County Genealogical Society genealogy reference sheet for Mary Farris gives the middle initial of 
R.  Mary R. Probfile-278, llcem-168, b 18 Jul 1815, d. 25 apr 1886.  There is also a Ruth Farris 1878-
1889 buried in the Farris cemetery plot in Lower Lake.
 (15) LDS microfiche 6125780 McKenney's District Directory for 1878-79 (see below)
(16)  State Library of California; voting registers for California counties
"Farris, Young, 55, Kentucky, farmer, township 9, registered Nov. 1, 1866"
(17) Joseph's Death Certificate [we already have the
extract so won't retype], showing father as Young Yuen
Farris.  Per great grandaughter... the middle name is
pronounced YUen, emphasis on the first part of the
Hypothesis (unless the spelling IS correct), is that
it could be a mis-spelling of Ewan, or even Ian. This
fits with his northern England-Scotland heritage and
might turn out to be a family name.
(18) gravestone:  Young Y. Farris

Additional Information re Notes
(3) July 26 1831 
Young Farris, of age to Polly Dunbar, of age
This may verify that on the 26th of July 1831 I  conjugated Young Farris & Polly Dunbar pursuant to a 
license of ______ by the Clerk of the circuit court  ________(too poor a filming to read)  this 27 of July.  
John T. Johnson
(9) "Gone to Pike's Peak
"A number of our citizens have started to Pike's Peak, and more of them are preparing to go.  Among those 
who started this week, were the following gentlemen:  Lewis Neff, three sons of Andrew Morrow, Lewis 
Fritz, David C. Ribble, Newton Ridenour, B. Hinds, Chas. Hinman, jr., A. S. Reed, Beecher McAlpin, kGeo. 
Westheffer, John Buckingham, Joshua Buckingham, James Hawley, ___Hammond, Benj. Tanner, 
___Murphy, Thomas B. Chamberlain, Henry Dorsey, Young farris and family, Wm. Scarlet and family, and 
___Stockton and family.  These three families will go on to Oregon if they are not suited in the Pike's Peak 
region.  We hear that several are prepairing to start from Amity, but are not posted as to who they are or 
when they will start.  We wish them all, individually and collectively, a safe and speedy trip, and an 
abundance of the "root of all evil."

(10) "Oregon Emigrants
A Company from Clarinda, Page Co. Iowa consisting of Wm. Stockton, Y. Farris, Wm. Scarlet, Mr. Fraley 
and their families arrived here on Saturday on their way to Oregon.
While they were encamped on the opposite side of the river, a little boy, about three years old, son of Mr. 
Scarlet, who had been ill previous to starting grew worse and died.  The bereaved parents deposited the 
body of their little one in Wyuka Cemetery yesterday and this morning with saddened hearts will pursue their 
way toward the setting son."

Superior court Lake County, Petition for Letters of Administration, filed 25Feb1889, #277  
Young Farris:  Petition of J. H. Farris
Young Farris died on or about the 10th day of April, 1886, in the county of Lake, California.  Property to 
wit, The said real estate consists of 80 acres of land in Lake County, California part improved described as 
follows. vis.: The W 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Sec6T12NR6W.M. estimate of value of $600.00.  That said estate 
is common property.  That the personal property consists of a claim for $40 against J. L. Farris, which is 
common property.  That the next of kin of said deceased....heirs are....
Mary Farris, his surviving wife, who died in Lake County California about April 25, 1886, aged 71 years
E. F. Pace, aged 56years, residing in Colorado
N. D. Farris, aged 54 years, residing in Fresno, Cal.
N. A. Stockton, aged 50 years, residing in Idaho
S. S. Farris, aged 39, residence unknown
W. W. Farris, 46 years
J. L. Farris, aged 44 years
J. H. Farris, aged 42 years
Emma Clayton, aged 32 years
Laura Mitchell, aged 27 years
J. L. Farris, aged 34 years all living at Lower Lake, Lake Co. California

Superior court Lake County, Petition for Letters of Administration, filed 25Feb1889, #278 
Probate for Mary Faris:  Petition of J. H. Farris
Mary Farris died on or about the 25th day of April, 1886, in the county of Lake, California
Heirs...(basically the same as for Young)

(15) McKenney's District Directory
Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake, 
Marin and Sonoma 
Including all Residents, with Sketch of
Cities and Towns.
L. M. McKenney Publisher, San Francisco
Page 197 Lake County
Farris, W W, frmr, 160 acres
Farris Y, laborer