The table below contains information on which census an individual Newfarmer can be found. The entry in a block is the age and state that the individual was found. Some birth, marriage, and death dates are entered for reference. Anyone wanting specific census page data on any of the entries, please contact Jim Pearce.

  Family 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920  
Catherine 1 59-OH 67-IN            
Henry 1-2 32-OH 41-OH 52-OH   71-OH      
Christina 1 33-OH d-1867            
Henrietta 2   34-OH 49-OH   68-OH      
Henry 1 12-OH 22-OH            
Frederick 1-6 10-OH 20-OH 30-OH   50-OH 60-OH 70(60)-OH d-1937
Solomon 1-7 8-OH 17-OH 28-OH m-1886-OH 46-OH      
Mary 1 9-OH   m-1874-IN   49-IN 56-IN    
Jacob 1-10 8-OH 15-OH            
Magdalena 1 3-OH 11-IN       51-IN 61-IN  
William 1-6 1-OH 9-OH 20-OH m-1886-OH 38-OH 48-OH 58-OH d-1933
Samuel 1-3 b-1862-OH     m-1887-IN 37-IN m-1911-IN   d-1926-CO
David 1 bd-1865-OH              
Emma 1 bd-1867-OH              
Edward 2-8   2-OH 11-OH   31-OH   51-OH  
Lizze Effa 2   1-OH 10-OH          
Walter 2-4   b-1875-OH 5-OH   m-1906-MO d-1911-KA    
Emma 3       m-1887-OH 34-IN d-1910-CO    
Roy 3       b-1887-IN 11-IN      
Ray 3       b-1889-IN 9-IN      
Elsie Mabel 4           m-1906-MO m-1915-KA d-1987-KA
Geneva Elberta 4           b-1909-KA   d-1929-MO
Edward 5             57-OH  
Lou Belle 6   b-1868   m-1886-OH 31-OH 42-OH 50-OH d-1947
Oklahoma 6       b-1886-OH 11-OH 21-OH d-1915  
Sarah 7       m-1886-OH 41OH      
Phinton 7       b-OH        
Carrie 8   b-1869-OH     30-OH d-1908-OH    
Lexie 8       b-1889-OH 10-OH      
William 9   b-1874 5-IN   24-IL 35-IL    
Henry 9   b-1874 5-IN   24-IL      
Beulah 9             b-1916  
William 9             b-1918  
Evelyn 9             b-1923  
Henry 9             b-1925  
Libbie 10     27-IN          
Minnie J. 10     6-IN          
Daisy 10     5-IN          
Roselie 10     5/12-IN          
L. (F) U1     22-IN          

Last Updated on 2/23/03
By Jim Pearce