Yreka Journal, January 21, 1925
(this was a weekly, and had some short sections on other Siskiyou County locations)


Two deaths saddened our little village this week. Both victims were old residents of this section.
Mrs. Colonel Brooks, an aged Indian, died Wednesday evening at her home at Ferry Point. Colonel Brooks, her husband, died about two months ago. Mrs. Brooks was buried at the family burying plot near Ferry Point. She was one of the oldest Indians in this community and could remember when the first white men came to this country.

Samuel S. Ferris died on Thursday morning. He had been ill for over a week, the end not coming without considerable suffering. He was past 75 years of age at the time of his death. For the past five years he has operated a soft drink establishment in Happy Camp. He was buried Friday at 2 o'clock. No living relatives are known to survive him.