Gran Family Photos

These photos were put up in somewhat of a hurry, for the benefit of Robert Gran Cleveland who recently made contact. I'll try and get around to doing a nicer presentation.

Ancestors Peter (Martin Gran's brother) and son Henry in Norway about 1880. This and the next three photos are courtesy of Paul Steiner of Washington State and Ole Arild Vesthagen or Norway; Gran descendants and fellow researchers.

The area around the Gran farm (lower right) in Gran Gaard, Lena, Toten, Norway. The town of Lena is at right center.

The house where Kari Gran, Martin's wife, was born and lived as a child.

A neighbor of Oli Vesthagen riding in front of the Gran Gaard. When Dorothy Wheeler, daughter of Olga Gran, visited Gran Gaard she was told the red house in the background was Kari Gran's house, but Ole is certain that house was built in the 1950's, and the little red house shown above, down a wooded road out-of-town, was Kari's home.

E. Ford Wheeler and Olga Gran (Martin Gran's daughter) in Washington State about 1913.

Olga Gran Wheeler and daughters Catherine (standing) and Dorothy about 1922.

Olga and daughters Catherine (left) and Dorothy about 1935

Catherine (Kay) Wheeler modeling at the Emporium in San Francisco in 1936.

Olga Gran Wheeler and husband at granddaughter Marilyn's wedding (Marilyn, daughter of Olga's daughter Catherine is at rear). Photo 1966.

Olga's daughter Catherine (Kay) with second husband Fred Cleaveland in 1971.

Sisters Dorothy Wheeler Ortman and Catherine Wheeler Cleaveland, Olga Gran's daughters, Thanksgiving, 2002

Olga Gran's daughter Dorothy (Dottie) and family; sons Howard and Norm Jr., and husband Norman (Bud) Ortman Sr., 1966.

Olga Gran's grandaughter on Catherine's side, Marilyn Lincoln Pearce and family, husband Jim and daughters Catherine (Katy) and Rosalyn (Rosie) about 1982.